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All pints are $9.00 unless stated otherwise.


Ice cream without the liquor kick

Vanilla Float

A classic Vanilla with a homemade Bourbon Brothers’ Cola

Triple Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate ice cream with shaved dark chocolate & chunks of chocolate truffle.

Vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate

Rich, creamy peanut butter with flakes of our homemade vegan chocolate.


Ice cream with a liquor kick

Old Fashioned

Hints of orange, bites of cherry & bourbon


Strawberry & Prosecco

Fresh strawberry & crisp Prosecco



Red Wine & Dark Chocolate

Malbec alongside blackberry & dark chocolate

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Ice cream with a liquor kick


Cinnamon Heart

Spice up your night with this valentine’s ice cream!

Your favourite Valentine’s candy

with a nice whiskey kick!

Vegan Strawberry & Chocolate 


This is another classic cocktail turned ice cream!

Every spoonful will be filled strawberry and coconut with hints of white rum

and a chocolate stracciatella!


Ice cream without a liquor kick

Rose Hibiscus

Beautiful flowers or beautiful flavours? Why not both!

Raspberry Velvet

A decadent take on a decadent cake!

Raspberry ice cream with flakes of cream cheese icing

make this ice cream velvety smooth!

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JOIN TODAY and become a member of the Bourbon Brothers’ Pint of the Month Club. Every month we will have an exclusive flavour just for you, delivered right to your doorstep! And, if 1 pint isn’t enough for you then why not try one of our other tiers! We are always experimenting with new ice creams for your tastebuds. This is your chance to get a sneak peak (sneak taste?) and help us pick our new flavours!


Tier 1

Pint of the Month and a Sneak Peak Pint delivered to your door! $20 a month


Tier 2

Pint of the Month and 2 Sneak Peek Pints delivered to your door! $30 a month


Tier 3

Pint of the Month and 3 Sneak Peek Pints delivered to your door! $40 a month

All tiers are a 3 month subscription.

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